• The Green Shed, which provides activities and work for mentally challenged adults and which we have supported for the past three years, is holding a ‘thank you’ party in the Butterfly House at the Garden Centre on Monday 19th August from 1 until 4 pm. Friends from Cheap Street are warmly welcomed to attend. If you are able, please go. I know that Barry would be delighted to see you and it would be an encouragement to him. Barbara Porter

  • On Sunday August 25th we are having a “Favourite hymn service, so if you have one please let us know. Numbers are limited! ~Also, in the service we want to include people who will share a blessing they have had;. a blessing in answer to prayer, or a blessing that has come through suffering or hardship. No one will stand at the front but speak from their seats. PLEASE come forward so that all of us can be blessed. Contact Margaret, or Colleen or Lynn

  • The recent Methodist conference meeting in Birmingham passed a series of provisional resolutions on the proposals set out in the report, “God in Love Unites Us” and commended the report for prayerful discussion and response across the Church over the next year. Final resolutions will be voted on at the Conference in 2020 after District Synods have had the opportunity to consider the proposals. In the Yeovil & Blackmore Vale Circuit there will be an open Forum Meeting on Saturday 16th November at Cheap Street at 1 pm (hall open from 12.30 pm to eat packed lunches) . The report is long, but it is recommended that each person reads the report to fully appreciate how the resolutions have been arrived at. It can be downloaded at: Hard copies will be made available. There are copies of the full announcement in the welcome area

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  • Hope in Africa - Thanks to your kind support, we collected £200 as well as a child-sponsorship at the cream tea on the 15th. It was so good to hear more about the work the charity is doing in Africa. Leaflets about the primary school we are supporting can be found on the table in the welcome area.

  • CHRISTIAN AID: The total given through the envelopes during Christian Aid Week in Sherborne was £1,966.53, slightly less than last year. Envelopes which were gift aided adds £312.25 to that total and a further £950 has been sent to the charity as the result of coffee mornings. Thanks to everyone who has supported the local committee so generously.